Principal's Message


Dr. Yu Cheong Ning Lawrence

Ed.D.(2002), DipEd(1993), MA(Ed)(1989), BA(Theology)(1986)

Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School (TPSY) has been faithfully serving the young people and the community of the northern New Territories since its establishment in 1956. This well-established tradition of service enables us to hold our heads high and at the same time drives us to reach out more widely and serve with an even stronger commitment.

Thus, we are not resting on our laurels. Instead, we are always on our toes, and as a Christian school, we are also always on our knees looking for innovative ideas and methods of application in order to make continual progress as a service provider in the education field. Each school year continues to be a very exciting adventure as our students fill the campus with their vigour vision and enthusiasm. TPSY is a keen practitioner of Invitational Education because it is our firm belief that what our students see, hear and sense from the people around them establishes who they are and then in turn what they share with the world. If teachers and parents work together every day in conscientiously reflecting the noblest of human behavior, giving the best of ourselves, and communicating positive Christian experience, our students will certainly follow us. Thus, we will be equipping them, directly as well as indirectly, for a life journey that is not only fruitful but also one that they will find highly joyful and rewarding.

Every batch of students has given us much to celebrate, to remember and to be thankful for. The present group under our tutelage is no exception. Its members are teachable, respectful and motivated. It is my privilege to affirm to you that our students have truly been making a concerted effort to achieve excellence in all areas V academic, physical, social and spiritual. As a result, their self-confidence and self-esteem are also always on the rise. An air of expectation is all around. We applaud these young people and I know that you, their parents, have good reasons to be proud of your children.

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